Orajet 3981GPS Vehicle Wrap Media

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Premium Non-PVC Vehicle Wrap Media

3981GPS is a 2 mil, 10 year high performance Urethane formulated for long-term, outdoor signage, and complex fleet and vehicle graphics. It incorporates Orafol's Pro Slide adhesive technology for slidable applications.

Tired of old vehicle wraps that have turned brown - almost looking rusty or burned? Orafol ‘s name for this is “Atmospheric Fallout”. It is most commonly found on horizontal surfaces most likely caused from pollution and UV exposure degrading the PVC material. Orafol’s engineers have developed a “Green” solution. They have found a way to engineer a PVC Free media and laminate that does not contain Poly Vinyl Chloride or plasticizes. This makes it not only environmentally friendly, but also resistant to “Atmospheric Fallout”. Yet this revolutionary film does not compromise. It is extremely stretchable and conformable, and utilizes Orafol’s industry leading “Rapid Air” technology. Now you can not only feel good about going “Green”, but you can also be confident that you are giving your client the finest wrap protection available. Available in gloss only. 

Orajet 3981GPS

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