Roland VG-540/640 Parts and Accessories

Roland parts are provided with the stipulation that the purchaser assumes responsibility for their suitability and installation. We do not provide support for the installation of said parts. It is recommended that an Authorized Roland Technician do the installation. Additional parts not listed may be available. Consult the free PDF Parts listing download below for part numbers, and contact us for availability and pricing.

TR-2 Ink

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TR-2 Cleaning Kit

Part # RO600006273


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TR-2 Cleaning Solution - 500ml

Part # RO600006272


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50 pack Swabs



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InkWerx Cleaning Solution

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Part # RO1000014754


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Cleaning Tray Pad

Part # RO1000014464


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Cap Top

Part # RO6000004658


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Roland Plastic Blade Holder

Part # ROXD-CH3


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Roland Metal
Blade Holder

Part # ROXD-CH4


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Genuine Roland Blades

Several to choose from

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45 and 60 degree

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L or R Pinch Roller

Part # RO1000022932


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Middle Pinch Roller

Part # RO1000023140


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VG-540 Cutter

Part # RO1000020748


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VG-640 Cutter

Part # RO1000020747


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VG Waste Bottle

Part # RO1000019429


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Part # RO1000014294


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Sheet Cut Blades

Part # RO11849102


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VG Rt Media Clamp

Part # RO6000002568


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VG Lt Media Clamp

Part # RO6000002569


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VG Linear Scale

Part # RO1000003665


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VG/VG2/VG3 Scan Motor

Part # RO6000002333


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VG/VG2 Cleaning Pump

Part # RO6000004717


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540 Blower/Dryer 

Part # RODU2-54


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640 Blower/Dryer 

Part # RODU2-64


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640 Blower/Dryer 



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User's Manual

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TrueVis Printers Cleaning Video

Whenever the printer says to perform maintenance, it is very important not to ignore this function.