EasyWeed Eco Stretch

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EasyWeed EcoStretch - for performance wear and more.

Activewear has met its match! EasyWeed EcoStretch by Siser delivers all the benefits of EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl and combines it with super stretchability to create one remarkable HTV! The thinnest of any Siser material, EasyWeed EcoStretch has a true matte finish that’s available in 38 popular colors! While EasyWeed EcoStretch is ideal for performance apparel from spandex to dri-fit, the soft hand and light weight often make it a favorite for other garments such as: tank tops, onesies, and almost anything else. EasyWeed EcoStretch can even be cut with laser systems.

EasyWeed EcoStretch is 80 Microns / 3.15 Mils and is a PU composition.

EasyWeed EcoStretch